"My Cup Runneth Over" (Psalm 23:5)

Mary and I do not have enough words of thanks to everyone for all the amazing support.

Mary and I have been asked a countless number of times what can be done to help us out. Those that know us know that we are way happier to give back than to receive. We hope that anything we do continues to reward those that are giving so much to us. With that, we give you “The Cup”!

Disclaimer: We realize the severity of the world and in no way want to make light of the situation.  That said, it is more than time for some positivity and certainly past time to start planning the “After” party!

The pictured high-quality RTIC 20oz cup is now available for purchase below! Our friends at 67 Degrees (A fellow independent locally-owned business) have been working hard!

What the “Cup” will do for you!

After Party

100% of the proceeds from the sale will be spent on the “After” party (nothing else!)

Free Drinks!

When you bring the cup into Shipwreck Grill any time over the next year, you will receive a free iced tea or soda (The “Year” will be considered Easter to Easter)

VIP Invite

Included with the cup is your VIP invitation to the party. What will that give you, you ask? Well let’s just see how many cups we sell!

Don't forget the chances to win!

  • One of every 100 cups produced will have a special engraving (they will be boxed randomly). If you are the lucky one to get that cup, you will receive a $100 gift card good at Shipwreck Grill or Amico Nave.
  • The person that purchases the largest quantity of cups will receive a $50 gift card.
  • The person that has the Facebook post with the “Cup” pictured, that makes me laugh the hardest will get a $50 gift card to Shipwreck. Obviously tag me and Shipwreck Grill. Yes, I am the only judge!  (If we sell enough cups and I laugh hard enough, this will increase to $100).

The holy GRail

A online auction has been set up at https://colemanandpatterson.bidwrangler.com/ to purchase the original test cup (And one new one with it). The highest bidder will be named the only “Title” sponsor for the party. There should be really good press so it is there for anyone that wants to be a larger sponsor- here is your chance!